Topping up your skills is easier than you think!

The Skills Toolkit is an online learning platform giving you easy access to more than 70 free, high-quality digital, numeracy and employability courses to help you build the skills you need to boost your CV and progress in work.

Developed by the Department for Education with advice from some of the country’s leading learning providers and employers, The Skills Toolkit packages up a high-quality selection of courses readily available online, so you can start your learning journey in your own time and at your own pace. The platform includes courses on a range of interests and levels, so there is something for everyone.

As we adapt to the changes COVID-19 is continuing to have on our lives, it is crucial that we continue to look after our mental health – whether that means keeping busy, making sure we get some fresh air, or staying connected to family and friends. Learning something new is proven to help keep the mind healthy, so why not use this opportunity to start a new learning journey on The Skills Toolkit?

In a competitive jobs market, taking up a course in digital, numeracy or employability skills such as management and communication, could also help set you apart from other candidates.

What can I learn?

The Skills Toolkit gives easy access to a selection of free, high-quality digital, numeracy and employability courses from a variety of providers such as The Open University, Cisco Networking Academy, Lloyds Bank, Microsoft and LinkedIn.

1. Boost your digital skills

Working-from-home and looking to streamline your work more? Digital skills like managing your workflow remotely and communicating online are becoming increasingly important – 82% of job vacancies online now require digital skills. Courses such as Google’s Manage a Project with Digital Tools can give you the digital know-how and management skills to help you tackle working remotely.

Maybe you are looking to take your existing digital skills one step further? The Skills Toolkit offers more advanced courses in coding and programming (including Python and HTML), digital marketing and graphic design, plus more. Over the last few years, the number of digital jobs grew almost three times as quickly as other jobs, so if you want to work in this rapidly growing sector, these courses are an ideal first step.

Keen to improve your presence online and on social media? Digital marketing and social media skills are key, so why not learn how to promote yourself or your business online. Check out courses like LinkedIn’s Become a Digital Marketing Specialist or Make It Click’s range of digital courses, which cover everything from selling on Etsy to working with Excel.

2. Build confidence with maths

Wanting to master maths and set yourself apart in the job market? Numeracy skills could help open up more opportunities. The courses on The Skills Toolkit have been packaged up and provided by experts and leading employers who have identified that numeracy skills are transferable and crucial within life and work. The Open University offers courses like Everyday Maths, to help you learn those all-important numeracy skills.

3. Develop the workplace skills employers say they want

Skills like leadership, communication and decision making are just as important as technical skills to get ahead in work. A recent LinkedIn survey showed that more than half of the senior leaders and managers surveyed identified soft skills as their number one development priority. FutureLearn offer courses via The Skills Toolkit on subjects like Wellbeing and Resilience at Work, and Google also run soft skill courses such as Communicate Effectively at Work. These can help you gain stronger communication and employability skills.

4. Benefit from online learning on your own terms

Exercising your mind is just as important as exercising your body. Learning can improve self-esteem and give an increased sense of purpose, control and motivation – 77% of people who learn online say it’s beneficial to their mental health. In particular, online learning allows people to benefit from keeping their mind active without any extra pressures like time commitments.

All the courses on The Skills Toolkit are available online, meaning that it’s easy to learn flexibly and at your own pace. Courses range from a couple of hours to a few weeks and there’s no long-term commitment or deadlines, so you can dip in and out of your chosen course at your leisure, choosing to learn whenever suits you best.

The Skills Toolkit only directs to quality courses that are designed to be delivered online, so it’s simple to get started and learn effectively. If you are uncertain about which course is right for you, the National Careers Service has advisors ready to talk you through your options and help advise on the best course.


Digital, numeracy and employability skills are key to opening up new opportunities, no matter your background. Building up these valuable skills can make you more employable, enhance your CV and support your mental wellbeing.

The Skills Toolkit gives you the opportunity to try something new, without any long-term time or financial commitment – who knows what it might inspire you to do next. It is never too late to learn, so if you are looking to keep your mind moving while we spend more time at home, The Skills Toolkit has a course that is just right for you.

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